5G/Covid ZOOM conferences are on Wednesdays 18.00 UK

Topic: varies, depending on who attends.  All welcome.
want an invite?   write info@zoomland.net


Are you the black sheep of the family? Of your friends or colleagues? then you have come to the right place.

This is a safe place – launched 16 May 20 – where we can compare views and experiences and problems during times of stress – anything you choose on the personal level about the problems of talking to others on for example 5G and the corona ‘virus’.

We can easily fall into the trap of thinking that we are the only ones on the planet who feel as we do. In fact there are many many others who are feeling the same way as us so its good to join in an not feel isolated.

ZOOMLAND has three elements to it.

# To use the medium of ZOOM to discuss live any issues, particularly support issues, for those involved in Smart meters, 5G or COVID
# To provide background facts, links to other sites, postings to topics. This is via our website 5GExposed.com
# To enable continuity of discussion between members, sharing of views  via the website www.zoomland.net

Anyone is welcome to join. We prefer if you participate in a live ZOOM meeting group prior to signing on.

The founder is Brian Snellgrove.

You want background? I invite you to visit my personal diary kept over the last 3 years. www.BrianSnellgrove.net Only 700,000 words. (I bet you wish you had never asked). I live in Somerset UK, a refugee from London.



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