by Sue Acworth

I am aware that many people ‘know’ a great deal about the deep state, and the dark times we’re living through.  I’ve been in this field for many years.  We all seem to have to have our say, have more vital information to ‘prove’ our point.  No matter our ideas, research, opinions, beliefs etc. on corona virus, 5G, Climate Change, the Illuminati,  money etc.,  we are currently in deep conflict with grotesque evil.  To purge ourselves and the world of this evil, each one of us must put personal ‘opinion’ aside, and come together in solidarity?

To pray, to meditate, to communicate to some may appear a waste of time?   Would it be in order to have perhaps 2 minutes meditation/silence with a collective intention for the meeting, before we begin.  Or perhaps closing with 2 minutes silence, and joining with a collective ‘intention’ for healing ourselves and our world?  And could we have a time limit, of say an hour?