How this group came to be, and what you can expect to gain from it.

I have looked at various platforms including twitter, you tube, reddit, mewe, telegraph, Facebook. instagram, snapchat, pinterest, Linked in and they mostly pander to those with short attention spans. Pond skating, jumping around from group to group and liking or disliking this or that doesn’t really do much for our development

I formed this in-depth cross – interest group because I found that many people were lacking support on the personal level although they were awash with information on various topics.

Why this type of intra-networking structure?

(WP Ultimate Member)  Informal e-mailing person to person on the topics raised works with a small number of people but if you had say 100 people all e-mailing and copying to each other one meeting could generate 500 e-mails and that would be too much like spam.

As a member, you will be given access to other people to write to on an individual basis. If you have something to say which would be of interest to everyone, the opportunity is there to make a comment in the relevant group.  fellow group members will be notified.  I want to avoid people being bombarded with material that they are not interested in because we are looking at a vast field of knowledge.

The difference is that you have to opt in to a particular interest group to be informed about its activity whereas with normal groups you get informed and written to about everything even though you may not be interested.

Who would benefit from joining

I am happy to serve those who would like a more consistent stable environment where they can draw on and been nourished by the content. This group is not designed for pond-skaters.

Examples of the type of topic we would cover

# How do I best deal with a partner – friend – family member – work colleague who is not a Red Pill person
# me, my friend, is suffering from depression and loneliness – any ideas of the way out?
# I want to define and understand situations in which fear prevails
# I am worried about privacy issues what with AI and so on.
# what are our responsibilities and how can we carry them out most effectively
# how do I avoid the possibility of …. a compulsory vaccination

What is required of members

We ask that you sign up and say something about yourself, and check your e-mail at least once a day.

I’m looking for a commitment in principle that when you are available you will join the weekly ZOOM meetings (75 minutes is normal) , focus on the needs of others and their development, and speak from the heart. The information exchange is secondary because information is available everywhere but caring and compassion is not.

I do understand that this does not suit some types of personality but as I say one group cannot be all things to all men.

Medium – long-term effects

Each time we meet, we will find a deepened sense of fellowship and nourishment. As we get to know each other more we can support each other in more ways.

As an analogy, if I put a young plant into the ground and pull it up after a day and transplant it, it will never grow. If you can put down roots with other plants it will receive nourishment both from them and from the earth and the sun. This is the way to go.