There were eight of us that met at this our first ever ZOOM meeting based on 5G and COVID …. comparative strangers meeting for the first time having known each other in some cases by name only.

Françoise had to leave early to go to another zoom meeting. One anonymous person tried to enter the meeting late but we were unfortunately unable to admit them.

We spoke a lot about anger, and willful ignorance on the part of the public. Ross has been very much influenced by David Icke, Initially by the engineering of 911 and 7/7. Ross recommended Alan Watts who translated all ***isms into a format that Westerners would understand. Alan says that we must have coexistence of good and bad and we should balance the two.

Françoise has learnt not to attack too much and do what you think is right in the circumstances. She thinks we need a script. She alternates between being angry and sad

Graham wants to focus what he can do in nature and feels that while we must speak up we should get on with positive things like planting trees, recycling and a moneyless society. He says the land is the way forward

Sharbelena feels trapped on this planet and talks a lot about indigo children. She talked about the diplomacy of St Paul on his mission and his education. She mentioned transforming rage into something useful and make references to the Christian religion

Susan has had some meltdowns and noted that the 201 conference last autumn was a preparation for the current manufactured crisis. She finds that children have no critical facility. She comes from Richmond Surrey and has been somewhat disjointed since 2019 fighting British Telecom

Elizabeth has been campaigning in many matters for example stopping fracking. Her attitude is that people can smear her but the facts speak for themselves.

Susannah has come from a clerical background – her father being a priest, one of seven children. She alternates between rage and grief and feels that it is crazy to wear a mask, our own family don’t want to know, the reaction is shocking, they believe in the democratic process. However as you will see from the letter she has had some considerable evidence that people think the whole thing is a hoax.



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