Before each meeting you will be sent a code. You simply click on it and you are in the meeting waiting room. However it does help if you can register with Zoom.US so we can see your name. It does cause confusion and irritation if the other members in the Zoom meeting cannot see who they are talking to. I will admit everyone shortly before 5.30 pm

Zoom has a number of features apart from the obvious ones. If you click on ‘participants’ You can send a private message to one person or everybody in ‘participants’ at the bottom of the page. If you have a useful website to share, or if you would like someone to contact you after the meeting this is the facility to use.

Preparing for the meeting –

# Do settle down before clicking the link and check your audio and video.
# get some water or a drink
# ensure that there is nothing distracting in the background. Noises from animals, traffic can be distracting. Family members should be warned if there is a need for anything in the room.
# Check your camera and sound. There is a facility to do this prior to switch-on.
# if your name does not show, go into security and ‘change your name’.

Protocol during the meeting Don’t hog the time. ‘One person one point’ is a good rule. Mute your microphone when not speaking.

‘One minute message’ At the start, could you message everyone saying your name, where you are from, and your special interest if any in the meeting.

At the end of the meeting – Do you want to publicize your own campaign or venture or book or seminar. At end end of the meeting (usually about 1.5 hours) open up the message box, cut and paste your message, tick ‘to everyone’ and send the message. I will stay on until this has been done then everyone can copy and paste as they please.

If you would like to speak more with someone, send them a message with your E-mail address expressing your desire to make further contact.