Here is a summary of the main points made about the meeting on “how do we wake people up”

these are in no particular order but rather bullet points

# Whatever you say, some people are not going to change.
# some of us have a sense that a person is open and ready to receive
# help them cross over from one viewpoint to another rather than being very clever – demonstrating knowledge
# sweeten the pill if you can or use several pills if necessary
# is it better to leave people in their ignorance and just being happy ourselves thus leading by example
# the people may not be very happy but extremely scared and maybe covering this up
# an antidote to being scared to do more work. Some of us are even prepared to die for this
#  don’t be obsessed about keeping people on board, it gets in the way
# if the conversation is going to lead nowhere and you’re banging your head against a brick wall try a neutral way, give them material for syncing and reflection
# some of us are not good at holding information but good at pointing people in the right direction
# be imaginative about the way of giving them some more information, contact or some such
# how about an A5 sheet of paper with a few useful links on it
# people often feel impotent and they want to know what they can do
# we don’t want to end a conversation leaving people in the air
# the opposition i.e. the rulers of the world love it when you argue amongst ourselves
# sometimes there is nothing to say.
# Connection with spirit is increasingly important as is the work on the ground
# some of us can talk easily with people who are waking up or who have woken up
# we can set a good examples by living a better life, having healthy habits, learning how to do things amongst ourselves, having a better posture, praising home-cooked food, working with the land
# casual conversations don’t lead to very much, you will have more impact on people that know you
# it’s about walking the talk rather than intellectualising it all
# we should simplify our life rather than being critical of people like Boris or Bill Gates
# if people don’t want to know there is no point in trying to wake them up
# some people are scared of those know the truth. We can scare other people without realising it
# we can be right about 10 things but not right about 100 things
# those who a campaigner considers ‘not awake’ may be awake in other areas where the campaigner is ignorant
# if the campaigner is filling in gaps in their own interpretations they may become weary
# the price to pay is the loss of friends and family support
# be a bridgebuilder rather than a bridge burner

Here is the video of the meeting. It will be removed 17 June 5 pm

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PS Sorry Geoff I inadvertently knocked off the recording during part of your presentation.